Sep 062015

This friendly squirrel is named Lady Squirrel.

She is very different than most squirrels. Generally the wild squirrels in the back yard are quite skittish. It’s pretty rare for one to even get very close to you when you are outside. However one day when I was taking my time, setting up my camera to take the Squirrel Darth Vader photo, she was wandering around, and became quite curious. Suddenly to my surprise, she jumped right up on me from behind and started gently climbing around.

She continued to do this on occasion, eventually she would come up to me when I was standing in the yard, and would jump right up for a snack. Sometimes if I wasn’t quick enough, she would climb all over, or even dig in my pockets to help herself to whatever nuts were in there.

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  One Response to “The friendliest wild squirrel I’ve ever met”

  1. This has to be a rescue baby! Momma gets killed and often the little ones are found and we feed them and care for them until they are ready for release. They are so cute and lovable. I hope everyone responds as beautifully as you did if a squirrel approaches them. They are the most delightful and playful little animals. I truly enjoyed your video. Thank you!

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