Jun 172014

These backyard squirrels just got their own trampoline, and they are having a blast. The majority of these pics were of a squirrel named “Lady squirrel”

playful squirrel is playing on the trampoline and having all sorts of fun jumping and flipping and doing tricks

Having fun in the back yard.

What a perfect way to enjoy a summer day.

Gray squirrel on the mini trampoline in the back yard getting redy to bounce and do flips.

Stuck the landing.

Perfect landing, getting ready for some more flying squirrel acrobatics.

backyard squirrel is doing side flips and other tricks and gymnastics in the back yard.

Side flip

Squirrel knows how to show some flair, doing impressive side flips.

cute squirrel jumps high on her own trampoline

High jump

This squirrel really gets some good height on the trampoline.

wild gray squirrel doing flips and tricks on the trampoline

Setting up for a combo.

What sort of trick is this little gymnast squirrel going to do this time?

wild squirrel doing a backflip on trampoline

Huge backflip!

I think a lot of people might be jealous that this squirrel can do better back flips than they can.

These photos are only the beginning. These squirrels did so many tricks on this trampoline, that I have a bunch more photos to add in the near future, so check back soon.

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