Jun 012014
Cute picture of a squirrel relaxing in his squirrel house, peeking out to see the view.

First squirrel to go into the house

I built these squirrels their own little squirrel house.  Nothing fancy, just using some scraps of wood I had laying around.  This was the first squirrel to go inside.  The squirrels really like to sit there and peek out.

Two squirrels enjoying their squirrel house.  One inside, and one on the porch.

Two squirrels enjoying their home.

I think these squirrels may have been dating.  The one would sit out on the porch, and protect the one inside by chasing away any other squirrels who could come close.

Two wild gray squirrels relaxing on the porch of their squirrel house.

Relaxing on the porch.

Who doesn’t like just sitting out, taking it easy on the porch?  These squirrels sure know how to relax just like the rest of us.

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