Feb 122014
Getting real close to a squirrel and feeding him a peanut from my mouth.

Have a peanut.

This squirrel was known as “Mean Squirrel”. He would chase off his siblings at a very young age, and pretty much became the dominant male of the backyard for a long time. Eventually once he got older and too slow to do any more chasing, he’d still keep other squirrels at bay by just turning and taking one step in their direction. As you can see, he was quite friendly to us though.

Holding a cute squirrel in the palm of the hand.

Holding Tilty.

This squirrel was named Tilty. It is very rare for any of the squirrels in our backyard to get anywhere near this comfortable with us, in fact Tilty was the only one who ever has.

Squirrel relaxing in hand and eating peanuts.

Relaxing, eating peanuts.

Another picture of Tilty, relaxing in the palm, snacking on some delicious peanuts.

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