I kissed a squirrel on the head

My name is Carl Wilkinson.
I created this site to share my squirrel photos. The squirrels in my backyard have always captured my attention, with their silly antics, and likeable personalities. Also, I’ve always enjoyed doing challenging photography. So one day I combined both of these interests. I got the idea to build a little squirrel skateboard ramp, and take some pictures of them on it, and since then I just started taking more. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t use any sort of editing tricks, they are all real photos. That’s where the challenge comes into play, because although I’ve done my share of other photography that is typically considered challenging, such as action sports, kids, high speed events, aerial photography etc. I think some of these squirrel photos definitely take the cake as most challenging, because the subjects do not show up on time, do not follow any schedule, do not hold poses for more than a split second, and do not follow any instructions other than their own. Capturing a winning shot makes the challenge worthwhile.

original-skateboarding-squirrel-1 original-skateboarding-squirrel-2
skateboarding-squirrel-3 Here you can see some of the original skateboarding photos, that started it all. Taken a couple years ago with a low quality camera.

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